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(not my but got promition) A mom pretend to be lesbian to suport 2 gays lover

2019.05.15 13:45 storyslover (not my but got promition) A mom pretend to be lesbian to suport 2 gays lover

now I say it again.. that not my story but I got premition from the lady who tell it post it here
also I am not English speeker and I am on my phon so if I mistakes I realy sorry)
so case(using fake names):
EM: Karen
EK: Jerry (from what she tell he look like 3 y/o)
OP: Luna
OP's friend: Dani
gay lover 1+2: 2 marry gays lovers (we name them Tom and Mike)
so that happen arund 30 years ago when Luna was abute 17 with her bff Dani. whill thay walked arund the beach thay saw Karen with her kid Jerry, thay didnt mind them becouse thay werent thinking much. abute 15 muinets later mans came and one of them took out a ring and ask the other man to be his partner for life.. before the other one was able to answer Karen came and start act horroble.
Karen: "OMG you two are so gross! why gays dont just stay home and hide themself!"
Tom and Mike was in shoke. whill Karren keeo yell more homophiby thing Luna and Dani thought on plann, prethend be lasbians. thay came to Karen holding hands when Karen saw them she yall at them
Karen: "oh great! more f##king gays! you gonna break my poor angle!" point on Jerry
Dani: "why you care, right bab'?" she looked Luna
Luna: "yea right" kiss Dani on the cheak
then Karen left with Jerry and Luna and Dani explane everything to Tom and Mike, thay both ware verry thankfull.
from what Luna told us thay marry and had happy life.
I know that sound fake but its real...
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