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Bienvenidos a la segunda edición del comentario más votado de la semana, está vez le toca a SheToldmeShewas18 con 16 votos dando consejos para una cita con una chica venezolana:
It's funny how noone has given you a real advice here, m8.
All the peoppe here that are saying things like "don't talk to her about politics", "bring stuff from Venezuela" are wrong, and i will tell you the reason why...
Venezuelan people are just like everyone in the western culture. Yeah, there are a couple cultural features and inside jokes maybe, but we are all the same. The difference is not that great.
However, i will give you a couple advices that I'm sure will work on her and will make you seen like a very cool interesting guy:
  1. At first, do not critize her country. We are going through a very rough time, we all know it. But that is not excuse to just be rude and say "Venezuelans are uneducated". Many Venezuelans are patriotic and would defend their country with arguments. Instead, show interest on her background, ask her questions like "How is it over there?". Ask her about the government " tell her that you have read stuff about Venezuela as an oil rich country and to have the most beautiful girls in the world". This way you are demonstrating interest and also a desire for knowledge (she will think you are smart, instead of ignorant). Be genuinely interested on her and her background.
  2. Venezuela is a very beauty-crazed country. From going to your friend's to doing a simple errant, you are expected to dress well. Casually, but well. Try to look your best, use good fragrances and clothing brands that look good on you. This works especially on Venezuelan women, since they try really hard to look their best.
  3. On the first few dates, pay for her. In Venezuelan culture, the man is supposed to be the one to ask the women out and take the leadership in the relationship. Pay for her stuff on the first dates (lots of Venezuelans hate cheap people or people who are rude to women). However, if she insist on paying, you insist back "Are you sure?. I asked you out to have your company, this is the least i can do to pay you back". If she says yes and insists, let it go. Girls are often annoyed when men insist on paying, when they want to do something nice as well.
  4. Make her laugh. Just like women in the rest of the world, they enjoy laughing. You can demonstrate you are fun to be around and confident if you make her laugh. How is this relevant for a Venezuelan?. Our culture is very much about laughing and comedy, by doing this, I'm sure you will score big time.
  5. This advice goes back to number 3. Be a man. Do you have something to say? Make eye contact and say it. If you want her to be your girlfriend later, prepare your words and say something like "i have found myself thinking about you a lot lately. It's hard to think of you as a friend. I have strong feelings for you and i want to spend my time with you want to be my girlfriend". You see, Venezuelan women will like that you are confident, funny, a man etc. But if you reveal your feelings this way, they will go crazy. I'm sure many women are like this, but Venezuelan girls love romance, they love to hear it, they love that you are not texting her "hey, gurl. Want sum fuk?", but that you are displaying your feelings out to her face to face. Don't assume that because you have had a couple dates she is now your girl. Tell her what you want and tell her how you feel about her.
And that's it. Be a decent human being. She is not that different from other girls around the world. Respect her and show her your personality. Venezuelans love foreign people. I'm sure that if you play your cards right, she will find you attractive right away. Good luck brah. Pm me if you need anything else.
Week of September 6th-September 13th, 2014
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